Hi, and welcome to my site which I’ve put together especially for those who are hoping to buy the best sewing machine. I’ve collated information and reviews from lots of different sources and put them all together, right here for you to read at your leisure.

That’s why it made sense to me to gather this information and reviews and have them all in one place – to cut out the hassle of having to do it yourself! As most people tend to stick with their sewing machine for years, it’s easy to miss out on the best developments in the market.

Plus, for a first-time buyer, there are so many different brands and types out there, and so many individual factors to consider that it really can be quite overwhelming to figure out which is the best option to buy.

What I take into consideration in each review:

When you take a look at each review of a sewing machine, you’ll see that in each of the reviews, I’ve looked at details such as what materials the sewing machines are made of, what features they have, the accessories and attachments they include, plus the different specifications of the machines themselves.

Obviously, I want to keep the reviews as objective as possible so you’ll also find the negative aspects alongside the best of each machine there.

The idea is to help you choose the best match for you, personally.

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Sophia Stedman